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May 3rd, 2014

Just finishing a full tube of the AgeLOC Dermatic Effects on my neck, am and pm, and WOW!!  It's awesome the difference!  I'm  so happy ... Thankyou NUSKIN!  I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror ... it's just not THERE at me anymore :-) I'm definitley keeping that on constant.  Wa-hoo!  AND, I've been 'off'  the TR90 now since January and have changed my eating totally.  I keep expecting my weight to be up but it's not!  It's holding steady.  Feel GREAT.

March 4rth, 2014

A sister told me she's using the AgeLOC Dermatic Effects on her turkey neck and noticing results so I'm going to do it, too, cuz this is so disturbing.  It's all I see when I look in a mirror!

January 24rth, 2014

Got some R2 in.  I'll post when I get it underway.

February 2nd, 2014

I've lost 8 solid lbs and 8 inches absolutely painlessly on this program.  I feel so 'full' and satified it's un-nerving :-) 

I keep expecting to have a gain! Love it. It's changed things up for sure. 

October 15, 2013

I got my TR90 weight management order on order and have heard of and seen excellent results.  Excited to get started!

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

I'm getting very excited and intrigued with the gamma AgeLOC TR90 weight managment program to prelaunch October 15th! Bring it on ...

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Katherine came in and we did a 1/2 face demo on her with the Galvanic Spa ... WOW! 

Dramatic difference! She told me she was unsolicitedly noticed ... teehee:-)

Thursday July 18th, 2013

I did a 1/2 face on Jackie today and she was thrilled at the difference it made.  I love that :-)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Karen had sampled some of the Epoch Foot Solution at a demo last week and when I talked to her she commented on how extremely soft her feet were the next day. That stuff is so good and gives such instant results!  I've had clients show me how it relieved their eczema overnight!

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

My next door neighbor has been using the Galvanic Spa for a month along with the ATFEU and looks great!  I commented and she said "it sure works for me!  

Sunday, July 8th, 2013

Sandra got a bottle of VITALITY on Thursday the 4rth and and has texted me 2ce. On Sunday the 7th saying it seems to be getting rid of her water retention.  She 's been "eating the same way but feeling WAY less bloated! (I can tell cuz I'm constantly putting my fingers around my wrists to check how bloated I am!).  I have not been bloated at all yesterday and today plus a pound down in water weight! (but still pigging out on pizza and BBQ yesterday)"  And then on the 8th saying she's losing weight and feel great.  VITALITY  is one of Nuskin's top 3 'stickiest'  products along with AgeLOC TruFace Essence Ultra, and the LifePakNano.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Janet's been using the galvanic spa for 4 years 1ce a week.  She used it 2 days in a row because she had missed a week.  When she arrived at work her co-worker said "You had something done...what did you have done!? ... Yes, to your face!". Now that is the difference demonstrated :-) 


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thinking about how people get hit with a sickness or have an accident and their health takes a nosedive. Relating it to antioxidant levels and how research shows that when your levels are down is the window of opportunity for sickness and disease that are said to be within us a most of the time, to take advantage. Scary.  When an accident or event happens to someone my age is prime time for a person to go down.  I've witnessed it .  Eat you Fruits and Veggies and take effective supplements.  Get a Biophotonic Scan to establish a bio-marker to work from to ensure your levels are up and your system is armed.  


Friday May 10, 2013

 I've been using the Nutriol Eyelash Treatment for 2 weeks now...on my eyebrows too, and wow! It's making a big difference on the thickness and length of my lashes and my eyebrows are filling in and growing back.  I decided to try it to see if it would make a difference to my delinquent eyebrows. It works!   It was priced much lower than the cosmetic counter treatments that are available(which is when I remembered the Nutriol Eyelash treatment).  Thank you Nuskin :-)


  • Conditions and protects delicate lashes.
  • Adds volume and thickness.
  • Defines and separates eyelashes.
  • Extends the wear of your mascara.


Tricalgoxyl®—conditions eyelashes while making them appear fuller and healthier.
Essential minerals—copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and silicon nourish your eyelashes for optimal growth and strength.

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Got hold of Sarah from the NT today.  She's feeling great and said the mole on her forehead is completely gone since she added the AiE10.  She feels good and is still taking the LifePak Nano, Vitality and Ai/E10.  Fantastic! 

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The model Marge at the meeting tonight had a dramatic result with the 1/2 face demo. Talk about a lifted pumped up cheek!  and her eyebrow.  That's why I love that Galvanic Spa so much.  It is the #1 facial treatment for tightening and toning (facial exercise) deep cleaning and minimizing pore size in one shot.  Plus...anything, any treatment you apply on your face will have 80% more of an effect. I'm religious with mine.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today my client Marjorie who moved from the coast was saying the dryness here was splitting her cuticles and they were very painful.  "Nothing has helped!" I grabbed my Epoch Foot Solution and gave her a dollop and proceeded to rinse her hair.  When I was drying it she said "It feels so good! (initially I thought she was referring to her hair and agreed) ..the pain is gone!"  Wow...instant relief.  That Foot Solution is fantastic.  It's an 'Ethnobotonical'.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Talking to my friend in Vegas today and he commented on what quality product Nuskin has(he's on the Vitality).  Love hearing that...he takes the VITALITY.  

Friday March 26, 2013

Vic came in for a 1/2 face trial demo with the AgeLOC Galvanic Spa this morning.  Wow!  What a difference. That's lift. 

He chose the Black colored Spa. Great results!  'specially his cheek and jaw line.  Instant results...what I like.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pleasant surprise today; Barb, a client from northern Alberta called. She had taken a bottle of VITALITY to try along with the LifePak Nano last month. She's had excellent results with them and wants to continue.  She's had noticeable results with her energy levels and doesn't feel tired all the time....and feels she's walking much straighter.  OK, initially she said she wasn't walking like a duck anymore :-)   We had a good laugh.  She sounded pleased and happy. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I was doing Ginette's hair this morn and she said, "I look like hell! I didn't sleep last night".  I said ...Galvanic Spa...so we did a 1/2 face (we've done it before and it makes a noticeable difference on her) We did it so fast and finished just as her company walked in.  Here's her pic(can you see which 1/2? cover one side and then the other) She's a sport! :


Monday, February 25th, 2013

Today Rita was back and in from Saskatchewan and she wanted more VITALITY.  She finds herself not nibbling in the after supper to bed time evening hours, her hair feels thicker, and yes...da loca libido :-) She also picked up the LifePak Nano along with some of the Ai/E10 to check out for the next 2 months. Coolio. My biggest, most hardcore recommendation is the Nano pak together with the Ai/E10.

Sunday, February 24rth, 2013

Here's 'a nice story' from a happy Pharmanex CoQ10 and Ai/E10 user:

'Man with high cholesterol, low energy took two products (Ai/E10 and Nano CoQ10) for 3 months.  When he went for his checkup his blood work was better than it had been in 10 years.  He has more energy and the nurse practitioner told him he is looking good'.

CoQ10 plays an essential role in energy production and, due to its structural similarities with vitamin E, is a powerful antioxidant.

NanoCoQ10® utilizes cutting-edge nano technology to deliver highly bioavailable coenzyme Q10 for potent cardiovascular and cognitive benefits. Pharmanex’s proprietary nano technology individually wraps each CoQ10 molecule making them up to 10 times more bioavailable than other forms of CoQ10.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I gave Jane a weeks worth of Vitality when she came for a bottle of Ai/E10a few weeks ago.  She was dealing with her dying mother and was very stressed and tired out from her daily ordeal of job, hospital vigil. family and work.  She came in today for a haircut for her son as the funeral for her mother is tomorrow, and picked up a bottle of Vitality.  "What I find is I get up and do things instead of just thinking about them, good stuff...!"  That's for sure.  I love the Vitality and I love it when others discover the difference it makes.  Here's a link to my initial client testimonials.

Saturday, February TH, 2013

I went to our monthly corporate meeting today and it was very re-enforcing.  It took NuSkin 20 years to become a Billion Dollar  Company, and then in 8 more years it's become an over 2 Billion Dollar Company and now projected by many of our veteran leaders to reach 3 Billion within the next year or 2 at most.  Awesome opportunity that I'm so thrilled with.  Regardless we're projected to reach 5 Billion in short order and with the 'anti-aging'  industry projected to reach and be the next  TRILLION dollar industry by 2025 with the baby boomers demanding health and beauty products, Nuskin has it made with our exclusive globally patented genetic technology ... it's no wonder we're experiencing massive growth. .  

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Wonderful call from my good friend in Las Vegas who, along with another PhD colleague, are professors at UNLV.  Their biggest complaint is the constant stress. Today he said,  "Take it from two very stressed PhD's, this Vitality is making a definite positive difference to our stress levels and we want more".  

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Susan was in today and she's been using her Galvanic Spa on one side of her waistline to see the difference(?) using the body attachment  and she showed me...Wow! Definite Difference Demonstrated!  Ya, Baby :-) Great to see.

Tuesday, Jan 22nd, 2013

Kimberlay had her first Galvanic Facial, out of a series of 3, on Friday the 18th and today she reported that when she went to work the next day many of her colleagues commented on how good and well rested she looked.  That's that awesome little hand  held Galvanic Spa I won't leave home without :-)

Sunday Jan 20, 2013

Back to that Ai/E10.  I put my 89 yr mother on it  2 months ago.  About 2 years ago her memory had deteriorated so bad she was scared to talk because she was so unsure - OK, she talked but was unusually quiet conversationally. I put her on the Vitality first which noticeably de-stressed her, and then within the year, the NanoPak, which also made a  noticeable difference.   My Aunt who I saw recently commented on what a difference she'd noticed in my mother since she started the vitamins.  Now she's starting her 3rd month of the Ai/E10, only one a day.

Ai/E10 supports healthy cell communication by providing a concentrate of immune system messengers.

She just got back Wednesday from a month in Inuvik at my brother's, and both family and visitors who've seen her since, notice a definite difference in her cognition and mobility. Definitely!  Much more aware and expressive, and moving so much better physically. She's just started her 3rd month on the Ai/E10 (would like to get her on the BioGinko but ....I'll work on infiltrating that later :-) 

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Went to my amazing massage therapist, Vlad Plypchuk, today, and what I noticed that I attribute to the AgeLoc TruFace Essence Ultra is;  the deep imprints from lying face down in the face holder part of the bed were minimal and were almost undetectable an hour later. That's extremely impressive considering I'd have noticeable deep imprints for the rest of the afternoon before my three months(now) of Ageloc TFEU usage. Here's from an info page:

 Now you can enhance the way your skin ages and embrace the look of youth with ageLOC® Tru Face® Essence Ultra. Formulated with the power of Ethocyn®, Nu Skin’s firming specialist also employs our revolutionary anti-aging science, targeting the sources of aging that lead to the loss of firmness. Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger looking skin today and in the future, with ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra. 



 Bring it on! Love it. That's exciting to me.

Friday Jan 4, 2013!

Another great product call, again hosted by Ed DeRitter, I'll recap for future reference. 

First up, Chandace Michaelson, a mother in California. Her and hubby were experiencing their 6th month of financial distress and were 8 months pregnant when they were introduced to Nuskin, which has been a big financial relief.  Being pregnant she couldn't delve into all the products, but she discovered the ReNu Hair Mask and it makes a dramatic difference in her hair. Like she just came from the salon. She shampoos her hair in the shower, towel dry it and runs the mask throughout, wraps in the towel and finishes her shower. Awesome every time.( as a stylist I have clients that love this product and always keep it on hand)

Second up, Vance Slade from Ft. Saskatchewan, AB. Vance started with the business 11/2 years ago and has 5 teenage daughters. They LOVE the Clear Action. It's balanced their skin has made a difference in equalizing the oils in their skin, in acne reduction and deals with blemishes quickly. Their skin is radiant and clear, and they receive compliments on it. The girls always make it known when supplies are running low. 

Third up, Kiersten Lush from West Vancouver, solo Mom of 4 daughters. Been in the business just over a year and is a Ruby. Stay at home mom all her life until separation five years ago.  No skills or income.  She was then introduced to the Galvanic Spa and now does the business with her 24 yr old daughter. Kiersten loves the Bio-Ginko.  She uses it daily for mental sharpness, memory and concentration. It works because it stimulates blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body and is a great antioxidant.  It has been amazing.  

Fourth, Brenda Roche from Edmonton, AB and a Diamond in the business especially loves the Cortitrol.  This supplement modulates cortisol levels - a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal gland -  the flight or fight  - internally released in response to stress.

Cortisol challenges the immune system and is believed responsible for belly fat storage. Excercise and coffee elevate cortisol levels.  Nuskin's Cortitrol modulates these levels.

Alright...I'm going to get me some of that BioGinko!

Friday Dec 28th, 2012

I listened to a product call hosted by Ed DeRitter this morning featuring a group of people, 3 I know from Nuskin events I go to, and took notes on their fave products.

1st:  Tish Lethbridge from Sylvan lake, AB, a 'Diamond' in the business, has been with Nuskin 4 yrs.  She loves and noticed the difference when she started with using the Galvanic Spa as it rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. But after she added the TFEU she had people not even recognizing her! She was getting comments like "what are you doing with your face?  Have you gotten work done?"  Now that she's been using the AgeLoc TFEU she's getting more notice.  She's sees improvements especially around her eye area with the new AgeLoc TFEU. Here is a link to an AgeLoc TruFace Essence Ultra Video.

2nd:  Elaine Pauly, and her husband from Alma, NY have been with Nuskin for 9 years, and love the Vitality.  They experienced a huge difference in their energy levels  after starting on the Vitality. The vet  she takes her 13yr old lab to is familiar with Nuskin products. He  said she could give Vitality and Ai/E10 to animals and to try Vitality with her lab. Her lab was very lethargic so she started giving him 1 a day which made little difference so bumped it up to 2 per day and noticed a marked difference in energy.  It made a huge difference!  He had renewed energy and the cloudy film over his eyes disappeared (which the cloudy eye detail especially reminds me of what I noticed with my 87 yr old mother! when she started taking Vitality).  She now gives him 3 a day and and he has a much higher energy level equal to that of an 8yr old.  He's 14 now, wagging his tail to go out and play, and they've never had a lab live over 12 yrs.  Elaine had a horse with an ongoing infection they couldn't get rid of. She administered Ai/E10 - 12 capsules per day - and it was gone in a month. Cool....I love Ai/E10.

3rd:  Stan Benson and his wife Cathy from Reno, Nevada have been with Nuskin for 6 yrs and they're fave product is Ai/E10. They never get sick even with their constant of being around their always sick and 'buggy' grandchildren.  He describes Ai/E10: a communication molecule that causes the immune system to respond correctly and makes it more active when it needs to be and reins in activity when it needs to be less active.  They take 1 a day and depending on what's 'going around' 2-3 per day and up to 4 to 5 per day as they perceive.   They had a black lab, Ben, with an auto-immune problem.  The dog was not happy.  He responded remarkably to Ai/E10 and lived almost 15 years.  Stan says it's an amazing product.  If you don't have the communication system working in your immune system you are going to have problems. Using Ai/E10 on a daily basis puts you in a great defensive position. It is truly an amazing product.

4rth:  Marilyn Burnet from Thorsby AB Loves the TruFace Revealing Gel (this is one of my personal faves).  It is a gentle effective way to revealing a silky smooth and more radiant complexion featuring PHA's.  It's clinically proven to deliver the same benefits as AHA  treatments . It chelates metal ions and provides powerful anti-oxidant protection. It has poly hydroxy acids that delivers cell turn-over benefits stimulating skin renewal, equal to that of AHA treatments.. It chelates excess metal ions resulting in radiant skin tone.  It provides  advances anti-oxidant protection. It brightens the complexion and refines pore size.  It's feature benefits are: PHA equal to AHA for rapid cell turnover, Lacto Bionic Acid binds with moisture providing advanced hydration, chelates excess metal ions, provides advanced anti-oxidant protection.  Lacto Bionic Acid is the key ingredient in TFRG and a liquid so gentle and nurturing it is used as a preservation solution in the transport of dona organs. To 'demonstrate the difference'  put a drop or 2 on and old penny and on a matter of 10 to 20 minutes rub it off and the penny has a gleaming shine.  Marilyn works in a heavy duty machine shop and walks through when the men are welding, and notices especially with aluminum welding, she will feel a tingling, almost sparking sensation on her skin. When she touches her face  she can roll off a residue bound with her makeup.  She then applys more revealing gel for protection.  Wow, that is the gel chelating the aluminum ions in the air that would otherwise be 'soaking' into her skin.  Fantastic Marilyn!  Include it in the morning and eve with your skin regime.

5th:  Luvy Leal is from Corona, California and was in the 'war of real estate' for 25 years.  She's been with Nuskin for the last 5 years creating leveraged income.  She loves the Glacial Marine Mud used  2 to 3 times per week.  It's good for all skin types. It removes dead skin cells, toxins and impurities.  Fabulous especially for oily skin and great to use along with the  clear action system for acne problems.  It has more than 50 beneficial minerals along with sea botanicals that moisturize and deep cleans and smoothes the skin, tightening it and making it glow!  Ya baby :-)  It can be used on other parts of the body and has antibacterial qualities. I'm trying it tonight!

6th:  Toddy Sylvester-Dallow from Spruce Grove, AB has been with Nuskin 5 years and a Blue Diamond in the business. She loves the Galvanic Spa but started using the Polishing Peel before she does her bi-weekly Galvanic treatments for even better results.  It works as a microdermabrasion skin exfoliater and re-finisher featuring pumpkin enzymes. Smooth on a thin layer, leave for about a minute 'til it gets tacky and rub it off.   Another product she's revisited recently rediscovering it's benefits is the 180 AHA facial peel and neutralizer.  It's a  chemical exfoliator for discoloration and lines.  Use it 3x a week in the evening.  It's a 2 step treatment and gives great results for combating fine lines and discoloration.  Toddy reports great results with diminishing the lines between her eyebrows and fading discolorations to the point of disappearing, along with smoothing her skin.

Toddy also started feeding her dog G3 juice on some dogfood he wouldn't eat and her dog is more energetic and LOVES his dogfood.  (It just better be non-GMO dogfood! Gmo feed is disastrous).  That's it.  Great call.       

Tues Dec 18th, 2012

I've been using the ageLoc Body Spa in conjunction with my facial treatments on my neck everytime I spa my face and then again just my neck  with the body spa (the next eve or morn depending).  It's just over a month and I can see a change in my neck.  The skin is more lifted and less wobbely. It's making a favourable difference.  My Czech user said 'give it a good 2 months' and for her the difference is huge.  I use about a dime sized dollop of the AgeLoc Body Shaping Gel.  First I spray the contact areas on the body spa with moisture mist and then put the gel on my neck with the fingers I'll be holding the spa with and set it and press it to my neck.  This gives me at least a double beep.  Then I use the ageLoc Dermatic Effects after wiping off the gel remnants, the body gel on my neck only before I put the TFEU on all over, and lastly moisturizing.

Wed Nov 21st, 2012

I just got a call from Sarah in the NT.  She's wanting tmore  LIfePak Nano  shipped because she's noticed a difference  in the way she looks and feels energy wise. She also wants more of the Ai/E10 (which is on it's way) because a recnetly formed mole on her forhead is now greatly diminished and the ones on her leg seem to be going down. She takes one a day.  Fantastic! She also takes Vitality and has noticed her hair has thickened up. She feels much better mentally. It's great because she's in a very small isolated community with fantastic food as far as wild meat and all but not the full spectrum of anti-oxidents and all this in the midst of the the dark days. Also her skin problems seem to have diminished. I'll note how things transpire.  

Mon Nov 19th, 2012

I can't help raving about that TruFace Line Corrector. I am using the AgeLOC pearls, but that line corrector definately has made under my eyebrows WAY smoother. I put it all over my face on after I use the Galvanic Spa! Then I use the AgeLOC pearls. Hmmmm, maybe it's really those Ageloc pearls!?  This is my ideal routine when I use the Galvanic Spa; First I get 2 rolled up face cloths and wet them thoroughly with the hottest water I can stand.  Then I tuck the opened gel ampules in between the cloths to warm them up :-)  After cleansing with the AgeLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone I spray  the silver plate on the Galvanic Spa (all over) with Moisture Mist and then apply the pre-treatment gel directly from the ampule sqeezing it onto my face and neck. For the pre-treat gel I use cycle #4( 5 min) instead of cycle #1 (2 min) and for the treatment gel I use cycle #3 (5 min) instead of cycle #2 (3 min). Then, I dab my fingers that will be holding the spa with some gel off my face and then grab the Spa and intitially press it into a gelled spot on my face.  This really helps me get the three(at least 2) beeps I like to have (tho' I can't always get it). From there I use the spa to quickly spread the gel all over my face and neck and lightly do my routine. Then cloth off the pr-treatment gel and do the the same with the treatment gel. I love the way my cheeks feel afterwards...my whole face is stimulated and tingling.  Then, I spread Tru Face line corrector over my whole face. Let it sit for a while and then a pearl, let that absorb and last a moisturizer.  I use Moisture Restore or Rejuvinating Cream. At night I use the Transformation Night Cream - or the Night Supply.    

Wed Nov 14th, 2012

Today my friend and supplement user told me she gave her daughter's friend a bottle of our ProBio. She continually complains about her guts hurting and being upset so Andrea said "Try this". Shazzam...!   Our ingredient is exclusive and patented world wide. Very effective.

Wed Nov 7th, 2012

Talking to my AgeLOC Body Spa User in Europe today and she's been doing her tummy for coming up a full 2 months. She reports it's tightened up her skin and majorly minimized the big vertical stretch marks across her stomach. So 2 months of  diligence and you will for sure see significant results using the body spa. Good on ya, sis! I'm starting that on myself now.

Tues Nov 6th, 2012

I've been doing the AgeLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra pearls since October 10th.  What I notice is a definite change for the better on my cheeks some deep vertical lines that were appearing are gone.  Yes!

Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Last night I Spa'd my face and then spread Tru Face Line Corrector all over.  Wow... what a difference this morning. It really plumps up the skin.  Takes away any signs of crepey-ness. I especially notice the difference it makes when applying the cream eye shadow I use. Definately something to do the night before having pics taken.  Incredible difference.  Yup, I did my neck with the body spa, too. 

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Alright! I caught Dr Oz today and it was called Fat Busters. He explained and demonstrated  with a chart how garcinia cambogia extract affects metabolization of fat. Sure enough it's one of the ingredients used that intrigued me after watching this presentation on the My Victory weight loss program from Nuskin:  ReDesignWeightManagment   That seals it for me. I'm going ahead and ordering.  Sure is reinforcing that Nuskin is onto it. I'll go with the chocolate for November :-) 

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Talked to my AgeLOC Body Spa user in Prague today who is using a lot of Nuskin products. She uses an array of nutrients and facial products along with the Galvanic Facial Spa and more recently the AgeLOC Body Spa. She knows not to use the Body Spa on her face, but has been using it on her neck once a day only (instead of twice a day) and twice a week for  two months now. It's totally transformed her neck and jawline.  It's minimized her turkey neck and her jawline is transformed for the better.  Right on... that's inspiring, so I'm doing the same thing. She sweeps it up and down, up and down and then side to side. I'll work on getting pics.

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Went and met my latest Galvanic facial spa client who is in town for the week with her daughter. 

She purchased her facial spa last month on Sept 20th before she went away to work.

It's made a big difference. Her complexion is clear and even toned. It looks robust compared to sallow.

Smoother under the brows and not as 'hoody'.  She looks fantastic. 

She'd said she was getting compliments immediately.  

Her daughter noticed all the little spider veins around her mother's nose are gone except one!which doesn't happen for everybody, but when it does, it sure is fantastic.

Way to go Deb! Nice way to be ready for the new year. :-)

Tuesday, October 17th, 2012

Excited after seeing my client, Jim, who got a bottle of Ai/E10 from me 2 months ago.

He's always been skeptical and fatalistic towards supplements, but then, while shampooing, I discovered buildup on a discoloration that's been otherwise smooth. 

He said he was aware of it and was concerned but hadn't been to the doc. I told him about a another client who had experienced similer with existing 'moles', and also  wide spread breakout of moles on her body.

Her doctor had said not to worry(!) that they weren't cancerous. 

She experienced a noticable reduction in 2 weeks of taking Ai/E10 and now, after 4 months, they are mostly gone! which she said will be gone next time I see her!

So, Jim, two months ago, grabbed a 1 month supply of the Ai/E10. Today I assumed he'd got it medically taken care of because he hadn't  come back for more.  But no, he said the Ai/E10 took it away completely within the 1st month and "that stuff works". Coolio - Love it. That is exciting. I'd stay on - I'm on it anyway, for insurance :-)  That's taking the bottle amount of only one a day.

What is Ai/E10?  A supplement exclusive to Canada and the US, manufactured by only 4 sources.

It repairs cellular communication.

10 molecules extracted from organic bovine whey.  Doesn't affect the lactose intolerent. 

Safe for animals. Doesn't interact with meds. I believe it to be safe while pregnent and breast feeding. You can't OD on it.

I love it, especially as we get older and get funky things going on like skin tags, etc. Ai/E10 ... the bomb.