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Perceived Differences with Vitality

Sunday, July 8th, 2013

Sandra got a bottle of VITALITY on Thursday the 4rth and and has texted me 2ce. On Sunday the 7th saying it seems to be getting rid of her water retention.  She 's been "eating the same way but feeling WAY less bloated! (I can tell cuz I'm constantly putting my fingers around my wrists to check how bloated I am!).  I have not been bloated at all yesterday and today plus a pound down in water weight! (but still pigging out on pizza and BBQ yesterday)"  And then on the 8th saying she's losing weight and feel great.  

Monday,March 29th, 2013
Talked to Barb from northern Alberta today who is starting her 3rd month of VITALITY and said she's noticing lots of new hair growth, pushing towards an inch ... yes! and she's noticed being way less irritable.
Feb 25th, 2013
Today Rita was back and in from Saskatchewan and she wanted more VITALITY.  She finds herself not nibbling in the after supper to bed time evening hours, her hair feels thicker, and yes...da loca libido :-)

Tues, Feb19th, 2013  I gave Jane a weeks worth of Vitality when she came for a bottle of Ai/E10a few weeks ago.  She was dealing with her dying mother and was very stressed and tired out from her daily ordeal of job, hospital vigil, family and work.   She came in today for a haircut for her son as the funeral for her mother is tomorrow, and picked up a bottle of Vitality.  "What I find is I get up and do things instead of just thinking about them, good stuff...!"


Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Wonderful call from my good friend in Las Vegas who, along with another PhD colleague, are professors at UNLV.  Their biggest complaint is the constant stress. Today he said,  "Take it from two very stressed PhD's, this Vitality is making a definite positive difference to our stress levels and we want more".  


July 23rd, 2011I started Vitality on June 23rd.I had just weaned myself off antidepressents and didn't feel good at all. Now, a month later people are commenting that I've lost a noticable amount of weight (I don't weigh myself, but I can notice too) and it sure feels good to feel so good! Yes I'm continuing.

Connie P.  38yrs Edmonton AB
June 15th, 2011
I'm starting my 3rd month of Vitality and I feel fine. One thing that is noticably different is in our monthly company update meetings. It's stressful when I have to report  with all eyes on me. I normally get toungue tied and nervous and feel red faced. Not anymore! I like it.                 Darrell G. 54yrs Edmonton AB

May 10th, 2011 “I’ve been on Vitality since end of September when it was first available to us.  In the first week I noticed an amazing feeling of well being. I thought “I feel so GOOD! "  I feel fearless. No more frustration and negative mind chatter. These are truly my ‘Positive Pills’. 2 weeks into Vitality and I’m waking and joining  neighbors at 6:30am who have been walking 3x a week for the last 4 years for an hour of brisk non stop action. I’m doing it! - proud of that one.  My hair has thickened up and I’m getting compliments on my skin tone. When I wake my mind starts up and I’m no longer drifting off for a few more Z’s. I get up and get going because I feel like it. This is definitely life altering – in a fantastic way. Something to be experienced.                           -Gillian Z  Edmonton, AB.

April 20th, 2011.   Just a few weeks into the vitality and I hadn’t had 1 migraine since I started…that’s good. I immediately noticed focusing way better at work. I wake up and get going.  My husband and I started the VITALITY on Feb 12th and I've kept track on the Energy assessment sheet.The first 2 weeksI noticed levels changing in energy, mental acuity, memory, alertness/focus and quality of sleep. And I noticed my husband was more relaxed in general.By the end of the 1st month lots of 'levels' had doubles. By the end of the 3rd month some levels have tripled or gone up a notch. Overall definite improvement.  -Simone C. 44yrs Edmonton, AB

April 19th ,2011.  “ I’ve been taking VITALITY since November and didn’t ‘feel’ anything the 1st month, but decided to give it  the suggested 3 months.  I still don’t ‘feel’ anything, but definitely am aware that I have my energy back that’s been lacking over the last years and… more reasonable to live with. Doing ‘things’ is my thing…around my house, like complete spring cleaning, etc.  I haven’t had the desire to ‘do’ for the last few years, but now, I’m ‘doing’ again!  It’s good.-Olga M. 69yrs. Edmonton, AB.     

APRIL 13TH, 2011.  “I think I’m feeling better. I didn’t start  the first couple of days because I’m on medication but now have been on it 4 days.  My therapist was surprised at the change in me as I’ve been extremely depressed over my work situation.                                                                                                     -Lucy  45yrs.  AB.                                                        

January 17th, 2011 "I am just finishing my 2nd month of VITALITY and went to my doctor today and had my 6 month check up; blood pressure- heart - lungs - liver - kidney. I've had these checkups every 6 months since 1993. He said "Everything is good! What are you doing?" This is a first in all the years. I didn't mention the VITALITY. He said, "keep doing whatever you're doing.""
- Rosalee D. 73yrs, Edmonton, AB

December 19th, 2010
Chantal has been on Vitality for almost a month:
"I'm good, it's great, it's like an all over thing. I have sustained energy throughout the day. I stopped for 3 days and felt overwhelmed and stressed out. With this Vitality, I feel good! It's more than good; I feel 'happy' good. Yes I have Lupus, but this makes it so much easier to deal with."
- Chantal M. 48yrs, Fort McMurray, AB

December 17th, 2010
I haven't noticed a thing... except maybe my bowel movements seem to be regular, as I have ulcerative colitis, and they're never 'regular'. We'll see after I run out at the end of the week. January 2nd, 2011 "Yes, it definitely made a difference to my ulcerative colitis and I'm on."
- Allen D. 48yrs, Edmonton, AB

December 17th, 2010
"After the 3rd day of taking Vitality, I felt great, so when I went to the doctor's appointment I had booked, with depression being one of the issues, I told the Doc it was no longer an issue. I feel good!"
- Christi S. 56yrs, Edmonton AB

December 15th, 2010
"I've been on Vitality just over 3 weeks and my hair is thickening up - I notice there's not as much hair falling out - in my brushes and in the bathroom. I have more energy and I feel good! I'm back to my old job, cleaning, part-time on the weekends."
- Rosalee D. 73yrs, Edmonton, AB

December 14th, 2010
John is on anxiety medication and very sensitive physically, so took 3 capsules to see if he would have a reaction to Vitality. He said he'd know within an hour. Within the hour he asked "Would this vitality be why the perpetual angst feeling in my gut has disappeared? (I'm sure) I'll take the bottle."
- John W. 54yrs, Edmonton, AB

December 9th, 2010
"Now that I've been off Vitality for 10 days I really notice how de-stressed I was on it...I wouldn't have realized how calm I was had I not gone off it."
- Brian J. 42yrs, Edmonton, AB

November 7th, 2010
My 86 yr old Mother who's suffering from dementia onset is in her 2nd month of VITALITY. She's not as contrary and irritated and she's stopped stressing about loosing her memory. She's waking and getting up and going earlier and proactive about going walking. My brother was surprised when she suggested they go 'out' for dinner when he was in over the weekend. She's sharper than she has been and her eyes look clearer.
- Gillian Z.  Edmonton, AB

November 5th, 2010
After a week on Vitality:
"Yes, I'm taking it morning and night, but I've wakened in the night in a tent...I know that's kind of personal but what's in it?"
- Brad B. 44yrs, Lethbridge, AB

November 3rd, 2010
I feel so good. I just have to get out and do things because I feel like it. When I wake up in the morning, I feel more rested and I can't lie around in bed or go back to sleep, I need to move! I'm pretty active anyway, but this feels good! I'm getting a lot done. I like it!
- CarlaZ 52yrs, Prague, Czech Republic

November 1st, 2010
I don't know if it's coincidence but my hot flashes have stopped in 2 weeks of taking VITALITY.
- Christine 53yrs, Inuvik, NT

October 29th, 2010
I LOVE this stuff! I was a mental wreck a month ago before VITALITY. Now I have the calmness and focus to do what's in front of me instead of stressing and wasting my mental energy. I'm getting a lot done. I'm over 50 and in a very stressful demanding career. My business has improved and I feel positive about my life. I'm physically energetic - just spent a week with my 3 yr old granddaughter and surprised both myself and daughter who delivered her 2nd baby while I was there. A huge thing is my hair has thickened up! It's been my nightmare for the last few years as it had thinned out terribly. My grandmother and mother had extremely thin hair in their last years. My eyes are better. My reading glasses have gone down notches in strength. My skin and nails are better. I'm getting positive attention and compliments, but it's so much more than that. I feel fantastic.
- Laurie M. Harrison 51yrs, Hot Springs, BC

October 15th, 2010
Gillian, Just a quick question about vitality. Have you heard that it helps stop hair loss? Something is working for me ... I have been taking Vitality for about 3 weeks now and noticed this change. The only other thing that I started taking was Omega 3. Any comments??
- Sue H. 53yrs, Surrey, BC

Positive changes reported by people attributed to Vitality:
Eyesight sharper
Asthma relief
Hypo Glycemic relief
Workouts - longer - no pain
Reduce hair loss
Joint pain lessened
Calming with better mental focus
Appetite quelled
More energy
Better sleep

Fybromyalgia relief

Gastro reflex relief

Heart burn relief

Ulcer relief

Other's Vitality Stories

Hi --After using Vitality for three days my mind cleared. It felt like it had come out of a deep sleep. Words and ideas tumble out and I no longer struggled for the right words or names. My short term memory is improving and I can join in conversations again feeling confident I can express my opinions fluently. It's easier to focus and I have continuous energy all the time now. My sleeping hours haven't changed but I now have very deep, restful nights. I thought I had gout because my big toe always hurt me. So badly that I couldn't dance or walk down stairs properly. Now, the pain is gone and I can walk along the beach once again. I'll never give it up! When we got home last night, I unpacked and then thought I should clean out my closet and dresser drawers. I've put it off for months. I've got energy- but not- "anxious" energy!! WOW!!
- Sharon N, retired teacher and Artist, LaFontaine, ON

Hi-- I'm Alex B. I'm a very energetic, and active 70 year old male. I tried the new Vitality program in late August. I take many of the Pharmanex supplements daily and so did not expect a huge change in my sense of youthfulness. Indeed, I did not feel much change for about the first 14 days. On my 14th day I just woke up a different person!! I was wide awake immediately and full of energy. I had a very demanding day working with a chain saw and went straight through lunch! My work day went for 11 hours non-stop! I had no pain or discomfort after and slept like a log --very unusual for me after strenuous exercise. For the next 14 days, I noticed a marked improvement in my mental alertness, memory, and problem solving abilities! I am, by habit, a very light sleeper, but on Vitality, I sleep all night and wake up refreshed! What a feeling!! Vitality definitely added another 15 yards to my golf drives!! What a thrill that is!! Interestingly, I am in the middle of a 3 month weight loss agenda and had lost 10 pounds already, but I was having difficulty losing the last 5 of my 15 pound goal. The 5 pounds came off automatically without a change in my routines! Somewhere in all this, my chronic lower back pain has disappeared!! I am enjoying very powerful feeling of youthfulness that is hard to describe-- but it's just great!! When I went off the Vitality for 10 days as part of my trial program, I lost that youthful feeling and that edge -I was delighted to get back on Vitality in Sept.!!
- Alex B, retired School Supt., Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, Canada Nov. 2010

Hi-- I'm Joan B. I'm a very active and high energy 72 year old-- still ski the "Double Blacks" in Vail, Colorado!!. Wow!!! What a difference it makes!! I take a lot of Pharmanex products daily, and so wondered if Vitality would make that much of an impact on me? I have developed such a powerful feeling of youthfulness! I have more "spring" in my step. I have no energy "dips" during the day. I used to grab a little sweet snack in the afternoon to maintain my energy levels but do not want- or- need that now. I have noticed a real feeling of calm alertness and renewed clarity in my thinking. I feel really rested even after some very late nights on only 5 or 6 hour of sleep (not a regular habit). On day 23 I played in a local golf tournament and noticed that I was "over-driving" the greens on the par 3's with my usual club selection. I had to adjust to lower clubs!! I had the longest drive on the par 4, 13th hole in 15 years!!! -- and--- oh yes, much to Alex' surprise I hit a 7 iron on the 8th hole-- 117 yards and got a Hole-in-One!!! I just love this feeling of youthfulness and sense of alertness! I just love this product -- Vitality!!!
- Joan B, Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, Canada, Nov., 2010

Hi-- I'm a high energy 58 yr old professional. Vitality is quite remarkable!! I am toward the end of my first month on Vitality and I notice the following: energy that lasts all day and all night, clarity of thought. I have a new sense of "well- being" and I'm enjoying improved sleep! When I sleep, it's through the night and I awaken rested!! I am also sleeping less, which is unusual since I don't need as much sleep as many other people. I feel it has improved my quality of life because it provides a good-natured feeling along with "even" enhanced energy!!
Richard R PR Consultant, Toronto, Ontario Nov., 2010

Hi I'm Germaine-- Got started on Vitality late summer! I'm a very good golfer but my golf game has been in the toilet this summer.... After taking Vitality for 3 weeks, I played golf 9 holes with my daughter.. Practiced for only 2 minutes and then pared the first 2 holes..Pared another difficult hole... played the best round in months! Went off of Vitality after the first month..-- Felt a little low on energy, a little sad.... Restarted and my first day --- had a crazy, busy day..Took down Halloween decorations -- yes brought out the Xmas stuff, de -junked my office, made some incredible appointments and then realized that I HAD Vitality!! Not planning on going off Vitality again..
- My name is Germaine M (55 years young!!) from Calgary and I am a Ruby Executive-- Nov 4, 2010

Hi, this is Germaine again! My 53 year old husband Rod has worked out with a personal trainer for 4 years. After taking Vitality for 3 weeks, his personal trainer said "Hey Rod, I am getting a lot more out of you these days!?"... Sometimes the changes are seen by others first.. Rod has asked for a second bottle of Vitality. He loves it!!
- My name is Germaine M (55 years young!!) from Calgary and I am a Ruby Executive -- Nov 4, 2010

Hi I'm Nora Lee. I am a pre-med student who has dyslexia and ADHD. This is the best product that I have ever taken in my life!!!! Why? It fills the chemical imbalance and void that I have in my body. I still take my medication, but with the Vitality I have an even greater ability to focus and retain my pre-med studies. I can still study until 1am and get up at 6am and still feel great. I also suffer from migraines, on a regular basis, but since taking this supplement I haven't had one massive headache. I know it has healed my brain.
- Nora Lee L Executive Calgary Canada

Hi I'm Leda. I am a third year finance student who has ADD. I still take my medication, but I no longer take the huge doses I required to focus on my studies. My mental clarity has greatly improved and my ability to study for long periods of time is less challenging. Like my sister I feel something has changed, chemically, for the better in my brain.
- Leda L Executive, Calgary, Canada

Hi I'm Oliver. I am a high energy person, involved in more things than most 68 year olds that I know. On Vitality, I became aware of a renewed even level of energy level. I still play full-contact rugby -- with players 20/25 years my junior and I work out regularly --so -- I am acutely aware of my body and fitness level. My stamina level has returned to that of my earlier years!!! In the crisis prevention workshops presentations that I do, there is a physical component of personal safety techniques that I demonstrate. I noticed that I am far stronger during those long sessions!! Three weeks into daily use of Vitality in preparation for a race in Toronto, I completed a 10K run in the early morning. In the afternoon I took part in a ninety minute touch rugby game which involved constant running. Upon returning home, I found myself cleaning windows -not a popular task in my books!! No it was not at the request of my wife! I also noticed that I am far more mentally focussed and decisive now. Also, while it is my habit to workout early every morning, it has for years been "mind over mattress" at 6.00 a.m. Now on Vitality, I am fully alert, ready to go, and crystal clear on the tasks of the day and feel fully energized to accomplish them ! Keep that Vitality coming!
- Oliver D, Professor/Business Owner, Gold Executive, Peterborough, On. Canada.

Hi, my name is Joan. Vitality has given me 8-10 hr. of uninterrupted sleep and increased daily stamina!! I'm sharper on recalling names and events. My arthritis has not be so noticeable when doing repetitive jobs or sitting for long stretches. I can hardly wait for the ski season to start!!
- Joan G, age 66, Markdale,ON, retired school administrator, Executive 04/11/2010

Hi, my name is Robert. What I noticed with Vitality over the last two months is a marked increase in my energy level at work --- very noticeable to my co-workers. They can't figure out why I don't get tired..I'm like the "Energizer bunny". --Working 11-12 hrs per day-- no problem. Also I no longer need instructions or directions repeated -- my mind's sharp receptive antennas are on high alert. Being ADD I have to listen attentively, without jumping in before a conversation is complete. I'm more focused now thanks to VITALITY.
- Robert G ,age 27, Saskatoon, carpenter & ski coach, 04/11/2010

Hi I'm Louis I am an athlete and a grade 12 student. My passion is hockey! I need a lot of focus and energy to play in the league that I am in, as a goalie. Vitality has taken my performance to a greater level with increased mental clarity and physical performance. My coaches and teachers have noticed a profound difference in my performance on the ice and in the classroom. I told my mom that I wish I had Vitality a long time ago. I help my mom with her business by telling all of my athletic friends about this product. Many of my team mates are on this product and have had great results.
- Louis L, Calgary, Canada

Hi I'm Lee Ann I love this product because my children and myself have had such profound physical and mental changes. As a single mother of three ADD/ADHD children, I have waited and desired a product like this forever. It has given us so many improvements for our health. For myself, I have experienced such mental clarity and an overwhelming sense of calmness that my children have noticed. We are all getting along so much better with Vitality!
- Lee Ann L, Lapis Executive, Calgary, Canda

Hi, I am Yves, I have been taking Vitality for 4 weeks now and I feel very, very good!!I had a double bi-pass surgery in August and have had very low energy since the surgery!! My energy has now returned to even higher levels than before and I feel perfect!! Thank you Vitality!!
- Yves P, Ruby Executive, Quebec, Canada

Hi my name is Judy. My experience with Vitality started on October 1st. After 38 years of being a hairdresser I developed sore shoulders arms and wrists (the round brush and blow drying and cutting) and of course a sore lower back while shampooing. After about two weeks on Vitality, I noticed I had less pain and now a month later I can shampoo without leaning on the sink with one arm and holding my tools over the clients hair is not causing any discomfort at all. I feel such a renewed strength. I love feeling this way.