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AntiAge - See the Difference

MyNUexperience.com - my on-going WOW's :-)

My name is Gillian and I'm a hairstylist and salon owner in Edmonton, Alberta. Being we're in the thick of  the 'Boomer' generation I'm watching for any exclusive products that YOU may be attracted to for the results they provide for your hair, skin and health.


Lanza provides amazing hair care products, especially a Keratin Emergency Healing Oil Treatment  that restores the keratin to your hair.  INCREDIBLE RESULTS!  The Healing Oil treatment is equally amazing  and you can choose from a number of their luxurious shampoo, conditioners, and styling products for at-home care. Highly recommended for optimal maintainance of your locks.


  What about a facial device that can make a visual difference?. Who doesn't want to look and feel their best with a non-surgical face-lift?

In particular a hand held device for facial and body treatments that work to make a visual difference in 5 minutes treatments. Galvanic current with exclusive treatment gels can minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite dramatically. It can be administered by one's self conveniently in the comfort of one's own home - no appointment necessary!

Before this, treatments were available only by a trained technician for upward of 100s of dollars per treatment. These treatments were only available with the use of machines that are adjusted to a decided current for each client, sometimes burning the client. This device has an exclusive patented microchip that adjusts to your individual electrolytic balance reducing the chances of harm.

It can be done at any chosen time, anywhere: at home, on an airplane, in a washroom, while watching TV, inside, outside; where there's a will, there's a way... and you find the way... when you want the results!

Exercise for the face! Results can be dramatic and visual in 5 minutes, and even if not instantly noticeable, you will be receiving compliments in a month of treatments. Results are accumulative - like going to the gym!

This device works to tighten and tone your muscles while deep conditioning your skin. It pulls out dirt and toxins from deep in the skin to the surface, cleaning the pores and smoothing the skin while tightening muscles to give lift.

This conditioning of the skin makes for up to  80% deeper product delivery and works to refine pore size, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce scarring and stretch marks, tighten muscles, smooth cellulite, relieve acne and rejuvenate hair growth. That's a lot of action from one little hand-held device!

This device makes otherwise expensive, time-consuming treatments accessible, safe and affordable for the busy person.



How does it work?

The effects of galvanic current used on the skin is optimal for delivery of product which lasts for days 


How good can one actually look when feeling depleted and taxed emotionally and physically? How about replenishing mental acuity, youthful energy levels, and sexual desire? It's possible! Introducing the worlds' first all natural genetic based energy supplement. Reverse aging internally on a genetic level! The research is here and the results are changing lives. Within a month, positive effects, such as mental clarity, a feeling of wellbeing and calmness, physical endurance, along with heightened libido have been associated. Produce energy without the usual side-effects common to energy-boosting products. Energy on demand. Can you revert your overall wellbeing to that of younger years?  Yes! Now, you can.  The effects can be rejuvenating and revolutionary, with new positive and varied results outside clinical studies being associated by (my clients :-). 


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Gillian Zubko