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April 15th, 2008

I was tremendously impressed with the discreet, very chic and cozy salon. The owner Gillian was very professional and the sugaring room was extremely private. This was my first experience with sugaring and I have to say I was very pleased.

The sugar felt incredible, and I felt comfortable and relaxed as it was smoothed on. The pain was nothing compared to threading or waxing, the latter of which I have been doing for 10 + years. I had my legs, bikini line and underarms done and was surprised by the precise process and how it got rid of even the shortest hairs that waxing always leaves behind. I was also amazed that I didn't have the redness, swelling or the numb tingling feeling that I always get with waxing. It lasted for 3 full weeks…and then, the hair was so fine growing back I could barely notice it. I am definitely a convert, and will be going back to Studio & Company.

Thanks Gillian,
Jackie G

August 16th, 2005

Dear Gillian and Cris,

I've been coming to this Studio for over a year now for haircuts - and I'm always tickled with the results. This is why, even though I was skeptical, I agreed to try sugaring on my legs and bikini line. I had tried waxing, but had acheived only mediocre results and couldn't justify the cost. Also, I couldn't stick to waxing because of the growth required in between treatments. In the summertime, it's just not possible.

With sugaring, I've been for 4 treatments now, and I am absolutely shocked with the results. As the hair grows back it becomes finer and finer each time. My skin is so sensitive, there's no way I could shave every day, but in the summer time it was pretty much imperative because of how coarse my hair is. Now, even when the hair has grown a little, it's not very visible at all - and even then, not for a long time.

The cost of sugaring is well worth it in my books, and you girls do such a great job for each of your clients. I'll continue to reccomend your services (whether it be haircuts, sugaring or other esthetics) to my friends and family as often as possible.

Trina Youngberg